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Two Boggess descendants, JoAnn Smith and Joanna Fox, researched the Boggess family history for almost three decades. In 1993, Joanna Fox copyrighted Baugus, Boggus & Boggess: Footprints on the Sands of Time, Volume I. JoAnn Smith later provided us with Volume II, a continuation of the first book.

This genealogy of the Boggess family of Northumberland County in Virginia whose descendants have spread over most of the United States is the combined effort of both women.

In the first book, at attempt was made to document factual events from court records which became the foundation for later generations. Much of the second book was supplied by gracious descendants and has not been verified.

The authors have received notice of typographical and/or factual errors plus additional information that was missing due to lack of response by descendants when contacted. Many additions and corrections have been published. All corrections and additions brought to the attention of the authors must be accompanied by supported documentation as evidence.

The Boggess Family Association has purchased the two books and they will be available at all reunions for use by reunion attendees.

For detailed info about ordering your own copy, please see this page.